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Indie studio sells anime film for blockchain tokens
Studio Arch, an independent animation studio and BlockPunk, a Singapore entertainment technology startup, have launched an anime (Japanese animation) film called "Vevara In Your Dream" for sale with blockchain tokens. Users can pay 500 tokens ($15) on the BlockPunk platform to purchase the movie, according to a report by Deadline.
The movie explores a character's psyche after they suffer an accident. An individual known as Vevara visits the main character in her dreams to help her overcome the pain of the accident. When users purchase the movie, they also get extras such as audio commentary, production artwork and a chance to win exclusive artwork from the director.
Once the tokens are sold out on BlockPunk, customers can trade them on the BlockPunk platform, with 85% of each sale going to film director going under the pseudonym syo5.
"Anime fans buy Blu-ray box sets in order to support their favorite creators," Julian Lai-Hung, CEO and co-founder, BlockPunk, said in the release. "However, only a tiny percentage actually goes back to the creator. With this model, fans can now buy video directly from their favorite creator and know that the majority will go back to the source."