XW Group(XW.COM) Brief Introduction

XW Group is established in Singapore in June,2018, devoting to promoting the development of the blockchaina industry. It integrates games, entertainment, investment management, information, blockchain technology and digital asset services to create a comprehensive new all-around blockchain enterprise which is oriented by investment, with service as the core, technology as the foundation, and marketing as the means.

XW Group(XW.COM) Business Introduction

1.XW Game

XW Game can help to create a smart contract for each game project thus each DAPP game and app of the main chain can reflect its data to the chain in order to make values by trading on exchanges after the integrals are exchanged into main chain coins.

2.XW Digital Asset Service Provider

Established in September 2018, is a blockchain entrepreneurial company based on security and technology. It keeps discovering new creative modes together with the technology with 'always try the best to support users' as a guideline.

3.XW Entertainment

XW Entertainment aims to establish the system of linking online celebrity, blockchain and digital currency. Planning to expand the amount of online celebrities to around 400 to 500, the team has obtained the live video license and started cooperation with various platforms of video, live video and short video.

4.XW Finance

XW Finance focuses on news reports about digital currency and blockchain. Being equipped with big data center of digital currency, data analysis center, market center and news flash, it also owns exclusive focus column to track and report the hot news. XW Finance releases policy trends, technology updates, and project analysis of the global blockchain industry from a unique, professional and authoritative perspective.

5.XW Bank

XW Bank is an offline entity bank established in Puerto Rico, the United States, while carrying out virtual currency banking business. According to the policies and regulations of the world, it has applied for the bank license to guarantee the exchange channel between virtual currency and the fiat currency. Opening the virtual bank, providing the mortgage of virtual currency, issuing the USDX (equals to USDT) as a stable currency. XW Bank is currently applying for the bank license of Puerto Rico. The Angel round financing has been completed and the A round financing is under the way.

6.XW Capital

Relying on the strong resource advantages and professional investment research team, XW Capital can find high-quality projects through project investments and cooperations, support the implementation of project application scenarios, connect key nodes in the ecosystem of blockchain, integrate industrial resources, build an ecosystem, and promote the healthy and stable development of blockchain industry.

7.XW Wallet

8.XW Mine

Relying on strong research and development capabilities, XW Mine is based on the continuous innovation of high-speed computing chips, machine algorithms and AI artificial intelligence. Through the sharing mining method, the free mining machine can be used for programmed mining with only rent, which helps users to realize the choice and allocation of digital assets and the original accumulation.

The coverage of the blockchain technology is more and more widely spread from the traditional Internet to the traditional finance, moving on to artificial intelligence AI technology, banking, entertainment, etc.,the development trend of the future is considerable, chain block technology to the real economy has a certain role in promoting, XW Group will combine the real economy and block chain characteristics, make a comprehensive all-round block chain enterprises. At the same time, star group also welcomes like-minded friends to work together with us to promote the development of blockchain ecology!